The Master List

Here are links to key resources that I have found online during my studies for Ancient History and Egyptology. I don’t claim any ownership over them, only the joy they provide when I don’t have to lug (as many) tomes home from the library or when I can translate a line or two on the bus. I will continue to update this page as I find more along my journey, you can also find new resources in recent blog posts.

Key Overall Sites for Egyptology and Ancient History

The Egyptologists’ Electronic Forum has amazing resources which include:

Online Egyptological Bibliography (OEB), The Griffiths Institute, The University of Oxford – This is an amazing resource that allows you to search and find references to publications across Egyptology scholarship. It is also really handy as for each search term it will also search for variations of the term and its counterparts in German and French so that you can access a multilingual cross-section of knowledge.

For across the Ancient World, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (ISAW) Online Resources are a key source of online resources including the Ancient World Digital Library which has some Egyptology resources. They have a focus on digital programmes and providing access to information on the Ancient World so these are a growing set of resources. There is also a blog attached which records any open access or online resources: AWOL – The Ancient World Online.

Ancient Egyptian Art, History and Archaeology

The Digital Topographical Bibliography of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Texts, Statues, Reliefs and Paintings (AKA TopBib, PM and Porter and Moss) This resource, which was originally in print form, and now available both as pdf and a digital searchable resource has details of texts, statues, reliefs and paintings from across Egypt and details of where they are photographed, recorded or written about.



Ancient Egyptian Language


Pyramid Texts Online – This page of Pyramid Texts Online gives a raft of resources for the language and links to online tools such as fonts or online editors for both hieroglyphs and transliteration. There are resources available for both Mac and PC.

Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae – A digital set of Egyptian texts from the Old Kingdom through to Demotic which also forms a database of words which can be searched or clicked on in a text for more information.

JSesh – A free, open source piece of software that allows you to write and edit hieroglyphic texts.

The Dickson Dictionary – This is a PDF dictionary that is fully searchable and includes the Gardiner Sign List reference numbers for the glyphs used in the lemmata.This has been made freely available online under a CC-BY-NC-SA 2.5 license. It is an ideal resource when working with JSesh.

Wörterbuch der Aegyptischen Sprache (Erman, A. and Grapow, H.) (AKA The Wörterbuch, Wb, Berlin Dictionary) – This is a key resource for studying the Egyptian Language, this website has links to all the PDF sections of the large dictionary of Egyptian Language which covers Old, Middle and Late Egyptian as well as inscriptions from the Greco-Roman Period.


Möller’s Hieratische Paläographie – This is a website with links to all the parts of this key resource which contains tables of hieratic versions of known hieroglyphs from across 11 texts.

Index to Möller’s Hieratische Paläographie – An index to Möller’s work on the paleography of hieratic, relating it back to Gardiner’s sign list.

Möller’s Hieratische Lesestücke I – Facsimiles of Hieratic Texts

Resources for Specific Texts

The Egyptologists’ Electronic Forum Guide to Texts links up to some of the key resources on specific texts.

Kenneth A. Kitchen’s Ramesside Inscriptions – Links to pdfs of Volumes 1-8 for facsimiles of Ramesside Inscriptions.

Museum Records and Images


Catalogue général des antiquités égyptiennes du Musée du Caire (AKA CG) Records of artefacts in the Museum of Cairo, mainly descriptions, some drawings and facsimiles of texts.

United Kingdom

The British Museum Collection Search

UCL Petrie Collection Online Catalogue

United States of America

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Collection Search

The Oriental Institute Collection, The University of Chicago

International Databases

The Global Egyptian Museum Advanced Database Search

Library and Online Book/Journal Archives

ETANA: Electronic Tools and Ancient Near East Archives – This collects together core texts for the study of the Ancient Near East and more are added frequently.

The Oriental Institute Publication Collection, The University of Chicago – This is an amazing collection of publications from the University of Chicago press

MetPublications, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York – This is a collection of some of their publications provided in PDF format.

Links to Specific Books are listed separately here.