Just a short ramble today – I read this article from THE titled “Academics ‘fail to change teaching due to fear of looking stupid.’” This title grabbed my attention straight away. As a “potential” academic the research-teaching-service nexus along with the measurable university fascinates, and, if I am being totally honest, scares me. It is a really interesting read especially seeing what impact measurability, such as student surveys and their connection to promotion, along with multiple other factors has had an impact on the development and experimentation in teaching practice in this study. I recommend having a read!

“An anthropologist who had the unenviable task of sitting through academics’ meetings and reading their email chains to find out why they fail to change their teaching styles has come to a surprising conclusion: lecturers are simply too afraid of looking stupid in front of their students to try something new.”

via Academics ‘fail to change teaching due to fear of looking stupid’ | Times Higher Education (THE)