This degree, after doing my last two full time with a part time job, I decided to go half-time study, half-time work. Theoretically.

I was told at the start that it would essentially end up feeling like, if not being, full time on both. I hate to say it, but they were right, just a few months in and the struggle for balance is real. I am lucky enough to be fascinated by both sides but let me tell you this leads to the joke that is the so called “work, study, life balance.”

Life, meaning social life mainly and everything non-essential, is the first thing to go naturally, so to be honest, it is more of a study, work balance by this point. Thus far I have discovered that it is too hard to balance out hours in the week as strictly half and half so, as long as I am hitting deadlines on both sides, I just need to be flexible. The best way for me has been letting some weeks be over run with one side, and others with the other. I’ll let you know how it goes… or doesn’t. How do you manage the balance?


Image Reference: Studying by rhodesj is licensed under CC BY 2.0