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This WordPress “The Ramblings of a Trainee Egyptologist” is a part of my journey as a masters student (MA in Ancient History to be specific), I started this primarily to pull together all the resources that I had found over my four years of tertiary study so far, which made me think someone else might find this useful – so if it is, go for it, it is all together under resources! From there the idea grew, and I imagine it will continue to.

So there is the news tab where I have collected together news articles and blog posts about current goings on in the fields of Egyptology, Ancient History, Archaeology and Academia.

Then there are my rambles, such as this one, which are part of recording my journey through the world of Ancient Egypt, Ancient History and Academia. It includes everything and anything remotely related to Egypt, Egyptology, Archaeology, Ancient History and being a Masters student. I imagine that it will include, by the end of the two years, everything I could possibly encounter on my travels through this degree.

Finally, The Mishmash brings this all together as one jumble of a journey from start to now, because the word finish doesn’t quite seem right.

So join me, if you will, as I stumble through it all – learn from my mistakes and make sure to study something you love!