82 & Fifth from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York is a website and app created in 2013 that has 100 items from the Met’s collection discussed by 100 curators. This encompasses a variety of artworks across the Museum’s collection, some of which are Egyptian, including:

  1. Statue of two men and a boy that served as a domestic icon, New Kingdom, Amarna Period, Dynasty 18, reign of Akhenaten, ca. 1353–1336 B.C.
  2. Statue of an Offering Bearer, ca. 1981–1975 B.C., early reign of Amenemhat I, Dynasty 12, Middle Kingdom Egypt, Upper Egypt; Thebes, Southern Asasif, Tomb of Meketre (TT 280, MMA 1101), serdab, MMA 1920
  3. Canopic Jar with a Lid in the Shape of a Royal Woman’s Head, ca. 1352–1336 B.C., reign of Akhenaten, Dynasty 18, New Kingdom, Amarna Period
  4. Head of Tutankhamun, New Kingdom, Amarna Period; Dynasty 18; Reign of Tutankhamun; ca. 1336–1327 B.C.
  5. Hippopotamus, Middle Kingdom, first half of Dynasty 12, ca. 1961–1878 B.C.
  6. Pectoral and Necklace of Sithathoryunet with the Name of Senwosret II, Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, reign of Senwosret II, ca. 1887–1878 B.C. Egypt, Fayum Entrance Area, el-Lahun (Illahun, Kahun; Ptolemais Hormos), Tomb of Sithathoryunet (BSA Tomb 8), EES 1914